Night "Life club" 2007-03-15 print
A new night club, „Life club“, in Vilnius, not far away from Lithuanian Parliament, was opened on the 14th of December last year.
Interior of the night club was created by architect Jolanta Lašienė and herideas were implemented by UAB „Adelonas“ team.
Lively and playful interior was created in spacious rooms of „Life club“. It is dominated by red colour, bright furniture, and ornamented walls. Hanging glossy beads increase the interior space even more.
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Hotel „Europa Royal Riga“ 2007-01-04 print
A four star hotel of Lihtuanian hotel chain „Europa Group“, „Europa Royal Riga“, was opened in Riga last summer.
Interior of this hotel was created by architect Audra Kaušpėdienė, and all the interior implementation works were made by UAB „Adelonas“.
Hotel „Europa Royal Riga“ was fitted in a building closely related to the Latvian culture. The building had belonged to Benjāmini family, the editors of one of the biggest Baltic dailies. Citizens of Riga still consider this building as Benjāmini family palace.
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„Europa Club Casino“ 2007-01-04 print
In hotel „Europa Royal Riga“ one can easily find a special place – „Europa Club Casino“, which belongs to the Latvian entertainment and relaxation chain „Klondaika“.
The interior of this casino have been fitted by UAB „Adelonas“ along with an architect of UAB „Jungtinių pajėgų projektai“ Audra Kaušpėdienė.
Customers of the casino can find not only leisure, but excellent opportunities to eat and rest. All interior is equipped to treat guests with great comfort and warmth. Smokers can enjoy tobacco in special smoking rooms, separated from other guests. Delicate scents, colors, details create a truly royal environment.  
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