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Our business partners are experienced and well known Lithuanian architects, who provide flexible and innovative solutions for interior projects. Various interiors designed by them are implemented not only in Lithuania, but in other countries, as well.

We work with interior trim material, furniture, textile producers from Lithuania and other European countries. We work with well known Italian, German, Belgian, Polish and Lithuanian companies, that have long exprience and good reputation.

Dalius Dainys ir Kęstutis MikšysOur long-time partners architects Mr. Dalius Dainys and Mr. Kęstutis Mikšys are  professionals with long experience. Several Lithuanian cities and beyond are proud of their works. Today we can very well say that UAB "Adelonas"  implements different ideas of these architects without critisism.

Hotel Vanagupė in Vilnius

ISM Vilnius
Building of ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius

Car service center Tanagra in Vilnius

Nijolės kailių salonas
Fur fashion house Nijolė in Kaunas

Gyvenamasis namas Kaune
Dwelling house in Kaunas

Namo interjeras
The interior of dwelling house in Vilnius

Gyvenamasis namas Vilniuje
Dwelling house in Kaunas

Saulius MikštaArchitect Mr. Saulius Mikštas  is also our partner whose works we successfully carry out. His works are well known to the public

Crowne Plaza Vilnius
Crowne Plaza hotel in Vilnius

BMW Fiat salonas Kaune
BMW/Fiat car dealers in Kaunas

BMW salonas Vilniuje
BMW/Fiat car dealers in Vilnius

Used car sales center Automodus in Vilnius

Europa City Hotel
Europa City Hotel in Vilnius

Klaipėdos sporto arena
Sports arena in Klaipėda

Panevėžio sporto arena
Sports arena in Panevėžys

Vilniaus tarptautinis oro uostas
Vilnius International airport

Vilniaus tarptautinis oro uostas
Multi-storey parking in Vilnius airport

Europa Royale Marijampolėje
Europa Royale hotel in Marijampolė

Projektų centras

CJSC Projektu Centras is one of the most rapidly developing investment – engineering and consultancy companies in Lithuania. This company is subsidiary company of the concern "ACHEMA GROUP".

Vision – supply engineering services with higher extra value for costumers. 
Mission – to seek the leader position in Engineering & Design, Construction and Project management market by creating and realizing ambitious plans which suit the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders.

The main fields of activity of CJSC Projektu Centras include:
• Engineering & Design;
• Construction (general contracting);
• Project management;
• Construction Technical supervision. 

Main movements of CJSC Projektu centras:
• In 2001 the Company began its operations with a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals;
• In 2005 CJSC Projektu Centras acquired CJSC Energetiniu Projektu Centras, a company well-known in the market of engineering & design services since 2001;
• In 2007 and 2008 CJSC Projektu Centras was acknowledged as one of the most successfully operating and rapidly developing companies Lithuania in the Gazele project of Verslo Zinios;
• At the end of 2007 CJSC Energetiniu projektu centras was successfully merged to our company;
• At the end of 2007 we established the construction division for maximum satisfaction of our clients’ needs;
• In 2009 CJSC Projektu Centras was acknowledged the most successful operating and rapidly developing company in the GAzele project of Verslo Zinios.

The Company has been issued a certificate from the Ministry of Environment entitling to carry out the design work, construction operations and engage in technical supervision of special buildings (groups of buildings).

The integrated quality, environment and professional safety and health management system according to the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 has been implemented at CJSC Projektu centras.

Currently the Company employs more than 120 top level specialists:
• Designers – 70 (48 certified);
• Construction engineers – 14 (6 certified);
• Project management and technical supervision team – 15 (8 certified).  In our company we all seek that you would be satisfied with our company services from the very first meeting to the presentation of keys.  CJSC Projektu centras supplies services in business to business market. Our areas of expertise cover:
• Consultancy;
• Strategic planning;
• Technical counseling;
• Studies and projects;
• Investment promotion;
• Integrated projects management;
• Turnkey jobs;
• Audits and evaluations.

We provide a range of professional services in the fields of:
• Energy and environment;
• Infrastructure;
• Civil works, transportation and logistics;
• Industrial plants and technologies;
• Ports and coasts;
• Architecture;
• Administrative and public;
• Integrated management of projects. 

Turnover of CJSC Projektu Centras:
• In 2006 – 9.09 million litas*;
• In 2007 - 16.4 million litas;
• In 2008 – 52.11 million litas;
• In 2009 – 46.46 million litas.

3 Star hotel. Druskininkai
Three-star hotel, Druskininkai
Customer: CJSC "Lietuvos sanatorium"
Completed operations: Basic design, Detail design Reconstruction from non-residential building to hotel and construction of underground car parking – lot
Hotel has 179 rooms
Total area – 10.000 m²
Places - 358
Completion date: 2008

Sports, fitness and entertainment complex, Jonava
Sports, fitness and entertainment complex, Jonava
Customer: Administration of Jonava district municipality
ompleted operations:
Basic design
Total area – 16.000 m²
Universal sports and events hall - 2 000 seats 2 000 seats covered tribune – 3.000 m² of building area (accordance with FIFA's requirements)
Entertainment and sports centre: - universal gym – 250 m² - aerobics hall – 100 m² - swimming pool – 25 m, 6 lines - administration area – 200 m² - 3 star hotel with 60 places - food services - dancing hall - water entertainment pool - bathhouse
Completion date: 2008

Convention Center Hotel 'Vanagupė', Palanga
Convention Center Hotel "Vanagupė", Palanga
Customer: CJSC "Adesta"
Ongoing construction of the conference center installing 600 seats hall with room for technical facilities
Whole area: 1413,85 m³
Volume – about  8100 m³
Completion date: 2010 11

Mineral Water Pump. Druskininkai.
Mineral water pump-room, Druskininkai
Customer: CJSC "Lietuvos sanatorium"  Ongoing welfare and mineral water pump-room construction next to the three-star hotel  CJSC "Lietuvos sanatorium".
The project is financed by EU funds
Projector: CJSC "Dalis erdvės"
Contractor: CJSC "Skirnuva"
Project management: CJSC Projektu centras
Construction technical supervision: CJSC Projektu centras 
Completion date: 2009

Educational centre, Jonava
Educational centre, Jonava
Customer: CJSC "Achema"
Reconstruction of two buildings
Whole area: 2.200 m²
Projector: CJSC Projektu centras
Project management: CJSC Projektu centras
Contractor: CJSC Projektu centras
Construction technical supervision: CJSC Projektu centras
Completion date: 2008

Office building, Kaunas
Office building, Kaunas
Customer: CJSC Projektu centras
Reconstruction industrial building to administrative building
Total area – 2.012 m²
Work places – 95
Projector: CJSC Projektu centras
Project management: CJSC Projektu centras
Contractor: CJSC "Sienojus"
Construction technical supervision: CJSC Projektu centras
Completion date: 2008

Office building, Kaunas
Office building, Kaunas
Customer: CJSC Projektu centras
Reconstruction 3 floor industrial building to administrative 4 floor building
Total area: 2.132 m²
Contractor: UAB Jonavos ranga
Completion date: 2006

 "Tikroji Sauga"

started its activities since 1996, and expanded production of metal constructions to indoor, outdoor, special-purpose, fire, decibel, security doors range as well as partitions, window and door glass with different filling. Structures used for the production of the highest quality Swiss company "Forster" steel profiles, and bend steel profiles "real protection", which is welded with contact half automated facilities. Construction of the weld metal is polished and blowned with quartz sand, painted modern fosfotative conveyor and automatic powder coating lines. This allows you to achieve the highest anti-corrosion metal preparation and coating color quality. Steel doors "True Security" for the reliability testing, mechanical strength, stiffness, air and sound insulation. Technical evaluations carried out by the fire research center.
Steel technical door for the entrance to the staircase, storage, cellar, water and thermal units as well as to other technical spaces.
Doors are made of galvanized steel plate, covered with paint powdering. Shock resistant, mechanical strength and stiffness in accordance with the requirements.
Door resistant to cold, heat, humidity and other atmospheric effects.
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